Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Survival of the fittest?

Darwin - A big fan of the Citizen?
I don't think it was quite what Darwin had in mind, but Daejeon have survived to fight another day. It was in truth due more to the poor performances of other teams rather than Daejeons fighting spirit.

Saturdays 1-1 home draw against Gwangju relieved a little bit of the pressure on the team but meant Tuesdays penultimate game of the season was still vitally important. Daejeon only needed one win, or for Gwangju to fail to win 1 of their 2 remaining games, to ensure the Citizens would be in the K-league next season.

In the end it came down to Daejeon being the best of a very bad bunch. Gwangju lost 1-0 away to Daegu meaning it didn't matter that Daejeon lost at Chunnam Dragons 3-1.

Daejeon managed to survive despite only claiming 5 points from last 21 on offer. Yet oddly survival will be seen as something of a miracle by some fans, having started the  campaign with no wins in six. At times the team have look devoid of any ideas or attacking organisation, but a period of half decent form in August and September has been enough.

Saturdays home game against Daegu will be treated by many in the Purple Army as an opportunity for celebration.

The club must now start to look forward to next year and try and build a team that can push nearer to mid table. There are question marks of the future of leading goalscorer Kevin (every K league side will have noticed that 16 goals in 35 appearances in a side that barely ever attacks is quite remarkable) as well as Brazilian defender Alessandro. Alessandro became a vital cog at the heart of the Daejeon defence yet a serious injury a few weeks back may lead to the club reconsidering a new contract.

There's one more game to play before the season draws to a close, it would be great if the Citizen could claim their 13 league win of the season and send the fans home happy and looking forward to next year.

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